New Feature: Additional data insights on Apply Clicks

As you know our platform allows employers to specify one of two methods to apply for jobs: via Email: Employer provides an email address and the applicant applies through our system – giving you full insight into who applied to … Read More

Case Study: Hire Heroes USA

Here at, we’re proud to work with Hire Heroes USA to help them achieve their mission – to empower U.S. military members, veterans and military spouses to succeed in the civilian workforce. We interviewed Elizabeth Reyes, Director of Employment … Read More

Introducing Boost!

  Today we are thrilled to announce the launch of Boost!   With Boost we’ve created a dead simple way to get more views, clicks and applicants for your jobs.  With the click of a button from your … Read More

New Feature: Bulk Admin Actions on Jobs

We’ve added some new enhancements to your admin dashboard to help speed up your daily workflow. You can now select multiple jobs in your jobs list and perform bulk actions on them.  The actions you can perform are: Unpublish Jobs … Read More

New Feature: Job Applicant source data

Getting job applicants for your Employers is great, knowing exactly where they came from is even better! To help you understand where your applicant flow is coming from, we’ve begun tracking utm_tracking links and connecting them to your applicants. The … Read More

Improved Job Applicant Resume upload

We’ve improved our Job Applicant Resume uploader! In addition to a new more mobile friendly UI, performance has improved, and we’ve added additional integrations.  Candidates can upload their resume from: Their local computer (including smartphones) Dropbox Google Drive Microsoft One … Read More

Candidate Profile Database - Mobile - Limit by Views

New Feature: Pay for Candidate Profile Database by View Count

With this update, we’ve continued to improve the ‘Candidate Profiles Database’ feature, based on your feedback. We’re proud to announce that job board owners can now create more flexible ‘Candidate Profile Database’ products by limiting the number of profile views … Read More

New Feature: Admin Callouts

We’ve added some new callouts to your admin dashboard allowing to help you quickly understand what is happening on your job board. First time customer: Giving someone a good first time experience is critical to get returning business.  We’ve made it … Read More

New Feature: Mobile Search Refinements

According to ComScore, the number of mobile-only internet users exceeded the number of desktop-only internet users for the first time in March 2015. For job board owners, this means you must focus on providing an excellent mobile-first experience for both candidates … Read More

Job Boards and Big Data: Interview with

Our founder, Christian Malpeli, was recently interviewed by on the past, present and future of recruitment technology.  Christian Malpeli is the founder of, a job board software that gives employers the ability to create their own branded job boards in 30 seconds flat. Sound … Read More

How to Create a PR Campaign to Promote Your New Job Board

The most important part of launching a new job board is awareness. Without audience awareness, you’ll launch with no candidates or employers, severely limiting the growth of your new job board. One of the most effective ways to build audience … Read More

5 Tips for Monetizing a Local Facebook Jobs Group

With 1 billion plus registered users around the world, Facebook is one the biggest communities on the internet. By creating a Facebook Group, you enable a selection of these users to come together and discuss topics relevant to them. One … Read More

Why You Should Choose a Cloud Solution for Your Job Board

So you’ve decided to launch a niche job board. Whether you are monetizing an existing community, launching a new business or looking for a lucrative new revenue source, your first question is likely the same: ”What platform should I use … Read More

A Step-By-Step Guide To Getting More Traffic + Profit on your Job Board

Guest Post by Peter White I want to let you in on a secret. If you are looking for more traffic to your job board, there’s a really simple way of doing it. My clients are going to be mad … Read More

139 Currencies Supported via Stripe!

Great news – thanks to our partnership with Stripe, we can now process transactions in 139 currencies. If you’d like to charge international customers in their local currency, Stripe will automatically convert funds, with a 2% fee on top of … Read More

New plan options

We are pleased to introduce some changes to our plan structures. First and foremost, we’ve launched a Revenue Share plan.   This is great plan for folks just getting started with their job board who aren’t yet ready for a … Read More

A small, but important SEO enhancement

We just added a tweak to our platform that should help avoid any duplicate content issues with search engines. As you may know, you can access your job board not only at your own custom domain, but also at … Read More

Hacker News Follow-Up

A Show Hacker News Follow Up Getting up and running has been an all consuming project over the past six months or so.  We feel strongly that the niche job board market is ripe for disruption. We’d had the … Read More

How to Promote Your Job Board

How to promote your job board Over the years we’ve gained some valuable experience learning what works and what doesn’t when it comes to promoting our niche job boards.  We thought we’d take some time to share some tips with … Read More launches!

We feel strongly that the niche job board software market is ripe for disruption.  That disruption starts now. Welcome to the first iteration of – our platform for launching & operating niche job boards.  As a team we’ve been … Read More