New Feature: Custom Sales Pitch

New feature: Custom Sales Pitch on Checkout Here at our goal it to help you sell job postings and be successful in your niche.  This new feature should help you do that.  We’ve added the ability to add a … Read More

New feature: Custom Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions

We’re constantly working to help you make your job board your own.  We’ve now launched the ability to have your own custom Terms & Condition and Privacy Policy Pages.   The option is available in the admin panel under Site … Read More

New Feature: Stripe Connect

New feature: Integration with Stripe Connect We use Stripe as our payment provider.  We think they are awesome, charge reasonable rates and provide top notch tech and customer service.   Previously if you wanted to charge for job listings on … Read More

New Feature: Mailchimp

New feature: Email list sign up via Mailchimp Email lists are proven to be one of the most effective ways to monetize your job board.  Being able to repeatedly & regularly reach an audience that has opted in to receive … Read More

New Feature: Themes!

Want to give your job board software a new look but don’t want to mess w/ the underlying CSS?  We’ve launched the ability to change the look of your board with the click of a button using themes!  For now … Read More

New Feature: Text Editor

New Feature: Enhanced WYSIWYG Editor! We’ve replaced our somewhat limited Rich Text Editor (used for entering the full text of the job desciption) with the more elegant Redactor editor.  This editor creates much cleaner HTML, allows you to edit the underlying … Read More

New Feature: Responsive Design

Responsive Design We’ve made some improvements to our job posting forms when they are on mobile and tablet sizes. Previously the forms labels and alignment were off making it quite difficult to post jobs from these devices.  This has been … Read More

New Feature: Upgrade your listing!

We’ve added the ability to let you offer a Featured Listing upsell on your sites. Folks posting jobs can have their listing remain “pinned” to the top of the page for seven days as well as highlight them so they … Read More