Thinking about WordPress? Choose

Thinking about a WordPress Job Board plugin?

Choose instead. is a fully featured job board platform, including powerful features and support. WordPress is a stand-alone blog tool. Your Job Board isn’t another blog - don't compromise.

No Compromise – Dedicated Job Board

Your Job Board isn’t another blog. Your Job Board is a place where employers and candidates come together to discover new opportunities.

It shouldn’t need updating, coding or configuration – it should just work, effortlessly, right out-of-the-box.

It should have great features, like industry leading SEO, a beautiful responsive design, high converting eCommerce and a great experience for employers, built in. It even includes blogging and the ability to add custom pages.

You only get this seamless experience with a dedicated job board solution.

We’ve built the most powerful, quickest yet simple to use solution – It never needs updating, there is nothing to install and we’re constantly adding new features.

Already got a WordPress site and looking to add a job board plugin? works alongside your existing site seamlessly. Contact us to learn more.

Justin Cone

Founder of

“I switched to after running a self-hosted WordPress job board for over four years. It was a mess. The user experience was terrible, the code was a tangle of poorly architected dependencies and the payment system was unreliable and labor intensive. has taken away all of those problems. I’m never looking back.

No Plugins, No Code - Launch Instantly isn’t a plugin – it is a dedicated job board solution.

With you can start your own smart job board for free in just 30 seconds, with no installation, coding or servers required – we handle all the technical elements so you can focus on growing your job board.

No servers. Just sign-up, add a custom domain and launch.

As job board owners, we understand the market and constantly add new features based upon your feedback.

Chris Wilson

Who’s Hiring Kansas City

“I’m so happy that I found From the first day I have received amazing and FAST support from them. They have been helpful on many different issues from coding to promoting. The software is simple to use for the beginner but also has options for the advanced. My only problem is I didn’t find them soon enough! If you’re hesitant about a solution for your job board, you don’t need to be any longer. is top notch from my experience.”

Top of the Class - Advanced Features

Easily manage your website. Track who applied, manage & edit listings. Customize all your job board settings from one dedicated place.

Search Engine Optimised job listings, including proper semantic markup, automatic Sitemap generation, friendly URLs and more!

Increase your average transaction price by setting up Job Packages. Our flexible system allows you to set different combinations of Job numbers and timeframes.

Elegant and seamless application process with integrated tracking. Know how your clients Jobs are performing to stay on top of your game.

Employers can register with your job board and seamlessly manage their public profile, directory listing, all of their job postings, view stats and see all their applicants from a single dashboard.

Miles Crawford

Founder of WorkFortSmith

“If you are looking to providing job listings to your community, you need to experience Its quick to setup, letting me focus on Fort Smith!”

Simple and Trusted

Over 2,000 Job Boards have been created on our platform. With there is no software to download or install, no servers or complicated code to maintain, and no developers to hire. We worry about the technology, you focus on growing your business!

Experience for yourself