We feel strongly that the niche job board software market is ripe for disruption.  That disruption starts now.

Welcome to the first iteration of – our platform for launching & operating niche job boards.  As a team we’ve been running several successful niche job boards on a few existing “free” 3rd party platforms for several years.  While true that these platforms were free to get started, the costs quickly began to add up as they required us to give up 50% of any job posting revenue that came in. 

The up side to this was that it allowed us to get off the ground with minimal cost – but as our sites grew and became successful, the revenue share became a growing concern.  As we looked around at other fixed priced job board options we discovered that they were either:

  1. Dated downloadable “job board scripts” which we needed to host ourselves.
  2. Way too complex (and expensive) for our needs….in the age of LinkedIn, who needs to offer a resume database these days?

Hence the desire to build and launch our own platform, now available to the public at

With our new platform you pay a fixed monthly fee every month – allowing you to understand and budget your outgoing expenses. 

In addition to our concerns around pricing, we noted most of the existing platforms aren’t evolving to keep up with the times.  As a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, we are constantly updating and adding new features to the platform, benefiting all our customers.  We adding new capabilities strategically, in order to stick to our mantra of keeping it simple and avoiding software bloat.

We hope you are as excited as we are as we launch this new initiative.  We look forward to serving you!