Employer Profiles JobBoard.io
Employers can register with your job board and seamlessly manage all of their job postings, view stats and see all their applicants from a single dashboard. Just like candidates, employers can have their own profiles on your job board, listing key information about their company, culture and recruiting requirements – essential information for running your job board. These profiles are then listed in your employer directory. With employer profiles, you can:
  • Build a valuable database of relevant employers with up to date information, searchable from your admin screen and listed in the employer directory
  • Allow employers to login and post jobs from an easy to use, mobile responsive interface
  • Maximise efficiency
  • Meet search requests faster with better employer matches.
Further, employers who post jobs without an account are prompted to make a user account, explaining the key benefits – perfect for driving repeat job posts and building a employer database for marketing campaigns. To learn more about the features and benefits of JobBoard.io, visit our feature pages. Contact us to learn more about the our platform or schedule your free demo today to see it for yourself.