New Feature: XML Exporter

Today we are excited to announce the launch of our latest powerful new tool, our XML Exporter!

XML is the de facto standard for exchanging job related data on the internet. While we’ve always provided you with standardized XML feeds for your job board out of the box, we often see the need for variations in both the data and the format of our XML feeds.

Over the years we’ve added a few additional formats, but we’ve never had a solution flexible enough to meet the needs of all our customers….until now!

With this new tool you can generate your own custom XML feeds – getting full control of both the job data to include in the XML, as well as the format and naming of the XML nodes themselves.

Creating a new custom feed is easy!

Step 1: Select your Jobs

You start by naming your feed and choosing a refresh rate. Using our powerful query tool you can then drill down to the specific jobs you wish to include in your feed. You can use a keyword search, location, job status, employer, categories, source and much more!

Our handy preview tool lets you quickly see a sample of the filtered jobs to ensure you’ve got the data correct:

Step 2: Format your XML

Next you’ll choose an XML format for your feed. You can select from one of our industry standard templates, or go custom and build out the XML to your exact specification – choosing both the job data to include and the name of the XML nodes.

You can also add your tracking to the <url>’s in the feed if you want to be able to more easily attribute activity on your job board back to your syndication partner:

Step 3: Preview your results

We’ve also built in a preview tool for your XML so you can easily see the XML included and ensure it matches your expectations:

It is that simple! We hope you enjoy using this powerful new tool as much as we enjoyed building it.

Our new XML exporter is available today on all plans. You can find it under Job Settings > Syndication:

An important note! Your default “feed.xml” feed has been migrated to the new Feed Exporter, so you will see this feed listed in your XML Exporter page already.

Availability of the Feed Export is as follows:

Our Basic plan gets 1 feed, our Professional plan includes 10 feeds and our Enterprise plans includes 25 feeds.

We look forward to seeing how you use this powerful new tool!