Custom Products - includes a wide range of tools to enable your job board to generate revenue. As well as being able to offer single job posts or coupons, includes a powerful Products feature.

See a preview of this on one of the job boards on our platform, Ruby on Rails Jobs.

Products are the key to increasing your average order value and therefore revenue. Instead of selling just one job post, includes the flexibility to offer a wide range of job post packages, products and upsells to employers.

Products are an excellent way to encourage employers to post multiple jobs on your website. You can offer a wide range of flexible packages ranging from a simple multiple job posting with combined or optional upgrades to unlimited packages accommodating long-term sourcing needs.

You can offer employers a fixed or unlimited amount of job posts for a fixed, or indefinite timespan. This enables you to offer employers a wide range of offers. For example, you could offer 3 job posts for $297, 6 job posts for $597 or a lifetime membership for a one-off-fee. Further, you could also offer employers a featured job post upgrade. This highlights their job postings on the home page.

Products are listed on an automatically generated packages page, allowing employers to browse all available offers. However, you can also hide specific products – you could offer an exclusive job package to potential employers, as a discount on an email marketing campaign or an unlimited posting account to a 3rd-party partner.

Products are a highly flexible way to offer additional value to your clients and generate additional revenue, and with they work right out of the box.