Application Tracking
Have you ever thought about how much friction there is in your hiring process? Many companies, recruiters and agencies don’t realize how difficult the process can be for applicants – instead of being excited about the position, applicants begin to regret even applying. In a survey by, 47% of job candidates confessed they had not applied for a particular positions because the application process was so frustrating. With this research in mind, every job board should think carefully about their application process. With the application process is simple. The applicant finds an opportunity using our powerful search tools, completes a simple form and applies instantly. Employers can review all their applications from within their employer dashboard. The application process is not only frictionless for applicants – it’s easy for you to use as well. includes integrated tracking, so you know how your clients jobs are performing instantly. You can also direct applications to an external URL, such as an employer’s specialized applicant tracking system or external application form.