Easy Admin Panel Job Board Software JobBoard.io

JobBoard.io is simple to use and loved by our users. When you login, you’ll instantly see a streamlined dashboard showing you real-time revenue, sales and applicant information.

In just a click, you can post jobs, update and customize your job board, setup backfills and get reports on your revenue and applicants.

Our uncluttered interface lets you manage your job board without IT getting in the way. With no updates, upgrades or installation required, JobBoard.io infinitely scalable platform means your site won’t go down and your visitors will always have a fast, enjoyable experience. JobBoard.io is hosted on highly secure and expertly maintained servers, guarded by a highly secure firewall, in a world class data center. We’re fully secure with full PCI DSS compliance for all payments – enjoy the same level of security used by banks.

The complicated parts of running a job board are intuitive and simple with JobBoard.io.

Posting a job is simple. Just click the post a job button and follow the step-by-step form. Updating a job, or viewing job analytics is just as simple – just click the job posting to view and edit in further detail. Everything in JobBoard.io is one-click away.

Setting up an Indeed.com backfill is just as easy. Simply type in your keywords, location and radius and JobBoard.io does the rest. Simple.

Customizing your job board is intuitive yet powerfully flexible. You can select from a range of themes, customize text and more without knowing any coding. For advanced users, you can paste in custom CSS and HTML in seconds.

Best of all, your job board goes where you go. Your admin panel works on mobile, so you can post jobs, update your website or check your reports on the move.