New Feature: Stripe Connect

New feature: Integration with Stripe Connect

We use Stripe as our payment provider.  We think they are awesome, charge reasonable rates and provide top notch tech and customer service.  

Previously if you wanted to charge for job listings on your job board, you’d need to go over to, create an account, find your API keys and then enter them into your admin panel – not a huge hurdle, but not exactly straightforward.  

With Stripe Connect – this process is made much simpler.  Just go to the Ecommerce/Billing section of your Admin panel, and click the “Connect with Stripe” button.  You’ll be prompted to login if you have an existing Stripe account, or fill out the form to create a new one.  Once done, you’ll be automatically redirected to your Admin panel with all the Stripe API information prepopulated.  That’s it! All you need to do is set your price point and you can begin charging for your job listings!