New Feature: Apply to job

We added an exciting new feature to the job board platform today – the ability to allow users to apply to jobs via your site.

Until today – candidates would have to follow a direct link to the employer’s provided email address or a link to an apply form on the employer’s website.  This meant you had no visibility into the activity of your job listings, and in the case of email applications, the employer’s email was forced to be visibile as part of the posting.

With this new feature an employer will still provide either an email address a link to their own apply form, but how it is treated on your site is quite different.  The visible links are replaced with a single button with an “Apply to this job” call to action:

When the the employer has provided an email address, the button opens up a lightbox application form on your site. This form allows an applicant to provide their contact details, cover letter and resume – which will be emailed to the employer while keeping their email address private.

When the employer has provided an apply URL, the button takes the user directly to that location.

The system will also track the number of applies (email only), and report them in your dashboard. This should allow you to be a bit more pro-active if an client’s job is not performing as well as they would have liked.

We hope you find this feature useful and look forward to your feedback.  We are now moving on to adding support for some additional payment formats – particularly for our international users.