New Feature: Internationalization

New feature: Internationalization

Since we’ve launched, without a doubt the most asked question has been “Do you support my local language?”.  We’ve had requests for Japanese, Spanish, German, Portuguese and more.  While somewhat surprised by this, we were excited by the prospects of rolling out job boards in territories outside English speaking countries.  

With our new localization capability, we’ve made this easy that.  Starting with Spanish, you can now go to your admin panel and choose your language from the “Site Language” drop down.  Your site will immediately be translated to the local language you selected.  This includes all text related to the job posting process (form input, payment, confirmation emails, etc), as well as the job listings themselves.

Keep an eye out for more languages coming soon.  Need it asap?  Just email us at info at and we’ll work with you to add your language of choice.