New plan options

We are pleased to introduce some changes to our plan structures.

First and foremost, we’ve launched a Revenue Share plan.  

This is great plan for folks just getting started with their job board who aren’t yet ready for a monthly commitment.   This allows Job Board owners to really take the time to market and build your audience without immediately worrying about earning revenue. 

With this plan we simply take a 25% share of any job posted on your site – with no monthly fixed fee.  So for example if you charged $10.00 for a Job Posting, we would take $2.50, and the remaining $7.50 (minus any Stripe fees) would be sent to your Stripe account.

Of course, you can upgrade to a Subscription/Fixed Monthly cost plan at any time.

You can even switch back to a Revenue share plan from a Subscription plan as long as it’s been more than 90 days since you last did so.

In concert with this new plan, we’ve adjusted the price of our monthly fixed plans in order to better reflect our market offerings.  

Existing customers will of course be grandfathered into the old pricing.

We feel this sort of flexibility is pretty unique in the marketplace.  Our aim is to be able to grow with you and provide the pricing flexibility you need on your journey to success!