New Feature: Job Packages!

Exciting news!  The platform now allows you to create Packages of Jobs to offer your employers.

This would allow you to offer something like  ”5 Jobs for $X” where X is usually a discounted rate vs. buying 5 Jobs individually.

To get started click on the “Packages” link in your admin nav bar.  


The Package creation form includes the following fields:

Package Name: What you want to call your package i.e. “3 Jobs for $299”

Hidden: If you want this Package visible to the public.

Price: The price you wish to charge.

Expires In: Once purchased, how long the Package is good for.  Leave empty if it should never expire.

Number of Jobs: How many Jobs someone can create with this Package.  If empty they can create unlimited Jobs.

Feature Jobs?: If checked, the Jobs in this Package will be created as Featured Job listings.  

Once created, your Packages are available at

You can see a sample Package page here:

When a customer follows the link through this page they will be take to the normal Job posting process, but instead of paying for one Job at checkout, they will pay for the entire Package.

Once the Package is purchased they will receive a unique link to a page where they can Manage their Job Package.  On this page they can:

– See how many Jobs they have left

– Edit existing Jobs (but not delete)

– Add a new Job

Below is a sample of what this page looks like:


As of now when you create Packages they will not automatically appear on your site.  You will need to create links to them from your site or other marketing efforts.  

We’d suggest putting some HTML directly under your “Post a Job” button using the Sidebar Text field as well as a part of your Sales Pitch Text field.

Here is some sample HTML get your started:

<div class=”well”>
<p><strong>Have multiple openings?</strong></p>
Check out our Job Packages for even better pricing:<br>

<a href=””>3 Jobs: $349 – Save 20%!</a><br>
<a href=””>5 Jobs: $549 – Save 25%!</a><br>

We’re really excited to bring this feature to you and can’t wait to see how it helps you earn more Job Posting revenue!!