A Step-By-Step Guide To Getting More Traffic + Profit on your Job Board

Guest Post by Peter White


I want to let you in on a secret.

If you are looking for more traffic to your job board, there’s a really simple way of doing it.

My clients are going to be mad for letting the secret out. I’m mad for letting the secret out!

The secret? Education + Retargeting. It’s incredibly cheap and is almost entirely automated. If you aren’t doing this, you are throwing money away. Download the getting started checklist here – and follow this step by step guide. Let’s get started.

So…what do we really mean when we say “Education + Retargeting”?
I hate to be the bearer of bad news. But, all that work you’ve done to build your job site? That great content you’ve spent hours building?

Well, people just won’t come back unless you grab their attention. Your biggest problem is keeping your visitors coming back for more.

With ‘Education + Retargeting’, they’ll keep coming back and even bring their friends. Education based selling means giving your visitors some of your knowledge, to make them trust you, see you as a expert and make them more interested in your services. By investing time following this guide, you’ll win visitors, recommendations and more revenue.

Introducing RocketJobs, our follow-along case study:
We’ll be using the fictional RocketJobs as our example. RocketJobs has a great blog and job board, but they want to increase their revenue, without working harder. Challenge accepted.

#1: Teach, Not Sell

The easiest way to massively increase visitors to your Job Board is to interact with your visitors in a way that brings them back, time and time again. The most powerful way to do this is to do this is providing well-written, educational content.


A good teacher, like a good entertainer first must hold his audience’s attention, then he can teach his lesson.
John Henrik Clarke

RocketJobs already has a great blog, posting interesting content to educate their readers on the latest in the engineering industry.

Don’t waste time writing your own content.
I recommend using a copyediting service []. Enter a blog title and in a few days you’ll receive a professional written blog article.

RocketJobs blog is great. But it doesn’t have a large readership as their biggest problem is keeping their audience coming back for more. Lets fix that.

#2: Bring it all back to you

This 15 minute fix to your Job Board is so effective at keeping visitors coming back it should be illegal.

By adding 1 line of code to your you can offer your visitors a free 5-day email course. This will bring them back to your website.

Keep this page up, and go and visit Make an account and come back here, I’ll be waiting.


#3: Your Free 5-Day Course

Your first big decision is what you should call your campaign. For RocketJobs, they named their campaign ‘5 Days to Your Dream Engineering Job’. Here’s a few examples you can use:

  • Free 5-Day Course: How to make the most of your CV
  • Limited Time Free 5-Day Course: Top engineers know these CV secrets
  • 5 Days to your Dream Job – Top Secret tips from a master recruiter
  • FREE: 5 Great Secrets to Career Success.

The next step is to write your educational course. You can follow the template for a 5 day course on a subject relevant to your niche or use their free concierge service. Send them 5 blog articles and aim to educate your audience on something new and relevant in your industry, like RocketJobs do.

All RocketJobs emails focus on driving traffic back to their job board, by including links like:

  • Click here to find your dream job
  • Click here to apply now

#4: How to Add GetDrip to your Job Board.

It’s 1 line of simple code to integrate and you’ll be building an engaged email list. You’ll need to add this to the ‘Ads Integration’ section on, in the header text box. You can access this setting by:

  1. Go to your admin panel
  2. Press Site Config
  3. Press Site Text & Ads
  4. Scroll down to Ads Integration

Follow the image below:


If you get stuck, I’m on Twitter (@PeteWht), I’m happy to help. All good? Before you start your campaign, make sure to read Step #5.

#5: Get Social

Now you’ve made your educational campaign, you need to ensure you’ll get them back time and time again and telling their friends. The secret is the ‘remarketing tag’. Visit and signup for an account with the free Ad Credit provided.

Then, create a remarketing list. Follow their 5-minute setup guide here [], ensuring you select email marketing tag. If you get stuck, there’s a video guide below.

You’ll then need to revisit Click Settings, (top right), then email template. Insert your email marketing tag here.


Create your Adverts in PerfectAudience and hit go. I prefer News Feed Adverts. Keep these simple – “Looking for a job in X?” with as specific an X as possible is ideal. I encourage you to test these as much as possible and include great images. Follow the instructional video below:

Now, when somebody signs up for your educational email, a tag is on their computer or phone. By magic they’ll see your job board in their Facebook adverts, Newsfeed, Twitter or across the web. This draws them back to their website.

Problem Solved: The Result
If you want your job board to succeed, you can’t wait for the world to come to you. Like RocketJobs, you have to fight back, innovate by thinking differently and be there exactly when your audience needs you.

So get started, use your educational content as rocket fuel and launch your job board to new heights!

Peter White [] is a Digital Strategist based in England. He’s worked with top international companies and some smaller ones to build some really cool things. If you’ve loved this article, or have any questions, you should follow me [@petewht] – I’d love to hear from you.