New Features: VAT Support and optimized coupon presentation

A few new enhancements to announce:

1. Support for collection of VAT Identification

For our customers who need to collect VAT information, we’ve added the ability to add a VAT ID field to the job posting.  In your admin panel, under Site Config > Ecommerce & Billing, you will find a checkbox labeled “Request VAT #”:


Checking this box will add an additional field to the Job Posting form for the posted to enter their VAT ID # (localized for your language):


2. Optimization around Coupon collection

It’s been proven that asking for a coupon on your checkout page can often times reduce conversion rates.  Many times folks will go to Google and search for a coupon code on your site, sometimes they won’t return if they can’t find a code.

To combat this, we’ve removed the display of the coupon field by default and replaced it with a grey link that you need to click in order to reveal the coupon code field.  We’ve also changed the wording from “coupon code” to “promo code”, increased the emphasis on the job title and price, and de-emphasized the link to reveal the promo code field.

Promo Code Link (Closed):


Promo Code Field (Open):


As always we welcome your feedback!