New Feature: Job Alerts

We’re excited to announce the launch of our newest feature: Job Alert emails!

With Job Alerts users can sign up to receive email notifications when jobs are published that meet their criteria, driving them back to the site and increasing engagement with your brand.

The Job Alerts sign up form is presented in two areas of your site, the homepage sidebar, as well as beneath the Job description on the Job Details page.



Job Details Page


A user simply needs to provide their email address, choose what category (All categories or some combination of categories) and the frequency (daily or weekly). 

If there are new Jobs published that meet these criteria the Job Alert will go out that following day or week (on Tuesdays for the weekly option) in the early am.

The Job Alert Email

The Job Alert email contains links to the Jobs that have met the Job Alert criteria.  At the bottom there are extra jobs via the backfill.  If you are on a paid plan you can reach out to Indeed and have them enable email jobs in order to begin to collect revenue from this particular backfill type.



In your admin panel you will see a new “Job Alerts” navigation link.  This screen allows you to see all the people who have signed up for Job Alerts, what kind of Job Alert criteria were set, and also gives you the ability to export the list of Job Alert subscribers.

Customers on our paid plans can also disable the Job Alerts feature all together.


Job Alerts vs. Newsletters

Some of you may be asking how/if Job Alerts should live alongside any existing newsletters you are sending out.  Particularly if you use our Mailchimp integration.

Our thinking is that these can and should live side by side.  Newsletters are more for editorially curated summary updates such as industry news and tips, non tailored lists of recent or “Featured” jobs, etc.  While Job Alerts are a utilitarian, focused, and customized way of getting updates on new Job postings.

The future

We plan to expand on Job Alerts down the road.  Current plans include a better look and feel for the Alerts themselves, as well as the ability to setup Location based Job Alerts.

As always, we’d love to here your feedback and look forward to continuing to help you grow your business!