New Features: API, Jobs2Careers Backfill & Job Alert Search

We’re excited to announce 3 new features – the API, the Jobs2Career backfill and the ability to search job alert subscribers.

Calling All Developers!

The new API is now open to developers and teams looking to integrate with job boards. Comprehensive documentation, code examples, and more can be found in our developer portal.

Now, anyone can integrate with a job board and create their own custom applications to post jobs or search jobs – we’re looking forward to seeing what you create!

To get access to the API, contact us for plan information.

Job Alert Search

We’ve also added the ability to search your Job Alert subscribers via the admin panel, making it quicker and easier to make subscriber updates.


Jobs2Careers Backfill

Thanks to a technology partnership with Jobs2Careers, publishers on the Professional plan and above can now incorporate job listings from Jobs2Careers database of job listings. We’ve made it simple to pull in jobs based on a search term and location.

This backfill will automatically create a job post page on your site.


To enable Jobs2Careers, click ‘Backfill Jobs’, then click ‘Edit’ on Jobs2Careers. Please note, you may only have one active backfill feed at a time.

Got any feedback? Click the ‘chat’ icon and let us know your thoughts!