Introducing SSL/HTTPS for Custom Domains on your Job Board!

Today we are pleased to announce we now support SSL/HTTPS on your job board custom domains!


While we’ve always supported SSL/HTTPs on our ecommerce checkout pages via your * domain, offering it on your custom domain was a challenge due to the vast number of domains we need to be able to secure SSL certificates for.


With the solution we are beginning to roll out today, we are able to provide this higher level of security, and at no additional charge to our customers on current plans!


This is not done via one of the “free” SSL options either, but via an Enterprise Grade security certificate, so you can rest assured it has been battle tested.


The benefits to you, the customer are significant:

  1. Increased trust between your brands and your customers, which can ultimately lead to more conversions.
  2. Ensures data integrity & encryption for all data transmitted on your site.
  3. Enhancements to your Search Engine Optimization as Google now takes HTTPS into consideration as part of its ranking algorithm.


While we will be handling things like adding the proper 301 redirects and updating canonical URLs, once your site has been updated you’ll want to make sure to add the https version to Google Webmaster Tools and update your Google Analytics account to reflect the new url.


We’ll be rolling this out to customers over the next few weeks….here’s to a more safe and secure web!