New Feature: Profile Approval + Required Profiles

With this update, we’ve continued to improve the ‘Candidate Profiles’ feature, based on your feedback. We’re proud to announce:

  • Profile Required to Apply: Require applicants to have a profile account in order to be able to apply for jobs that use your sites application form (i.e. Apply via Email).
    • If the application form is hosted off your job board (using an application URL), the applicant will be still be able to click through without a profile.
  • Profile Approval: Approve candidates before they are listed in the candidate database, or able to apply for jobs, if ‘Profiles Required to Apply’ is enabled.
    • New profiles will be pending until approved by the job board owner. The candidate will receive a profile approval email once complete.
  • Customizable Welcome and Profile Approval Emails: You can now modify the welcome email and profile approval email.

How to Use ‘Profile Approval + Required Profiles’

  1. Login to your admin
  2. Click ‘Profiles’
  3. Click ‘Profile Setup’
  4. Tick ‘Sign in to Apply’ to require a profile to apply for jobs.
  5. Tick ‘Require Profile Approval’ to require profiles to be approved by the job board owner before inclusion

Tips on Using ‘Profile Approval + Required Profiles’

  • Are you a niche job board, requiring specific information about candidates? By making profiles required, you can collect further information from applicants by using our custom fields functionality. Simply add your required fields to the profile registration form.
  • Generalist job board? Force registrations to build your profile database quicker. Then, use our profile database monetization options to sell access to employers.
  • Specialist job board? Only approve highly qualified candidate profiles to keep your candidate database focused.
  • Increase engagement. Candidates with profiles are more likely to return to your site to update their profiles.