Feature Spotlight: Navigation Options

We recently announced the biggest update we’ve ever launched.

We’ve refined the user experience for your candidates and employers with a fresh, clean and modern look for your job board. We’ve also added extensive customization functionality and improved some existing features.

You can read all about this update here. In this series, we focus on just 1 aspect of this update and how you can use it to improve your job board.

In this ‘Feature Spotlight’ we focus on the new Navigation Options.

If you haven’t tried it yet, you can select a new navigation header for your site. 5 options are available:

  • Slim: Your logo is displayed to the left of the menu
  • Centered Logo: Your logo is displayed above a center aligned navigation
  • Stacked: Your logo is displayed above the navigation
  • Adjacent: Your logo is displayed adjacent of the menu
  • Custom: Use custom HTML to create your own navigation menu


How to Use the New Navigation Options

  1. Go to Site Config
  2. Click ‘Themes’
  3. Select from the available ‘Site Header’ options
  4. Click “Save”