Introducing Boost!


Today we are thrilled to announce the launch of Boost!


With Boost we’ve created a dead simple way to get more views, clicks and applicants for your jobs.  With the click of a button from your admin dashboard, you can allocate a budget, and your job will be automatically distributed out to our syndication network via channels such as organic and paid search, a targeted publisher network of over 2000 sites, and email job alerts.


With Boost – our goal is to help you position yourself as not just a Job Board, but as a Job Distribution Platform.




“For us, boosting brought in a surge of high quality candidates with zero effort. It’s a clear win-win for us and our clients.” – Justin Cone, Boost is so much easier than traditional syndication methods.  You don’t need to deal with a 3rd party, setup data feeds, manage CPC campaigns, etc.  Simply identify a Job you want to Boost – and you’re done.  Any budget allocated is simply added to your monthly invoice.


  • Have a job that isn’t performing?  Boost it!
  • Landed a job from that important first time customer and need to make a good impression?  Boost it!
  • Want to earn repeat business from an employer?  Boost it!


You can even turn the Boost into a custom upsell!








Let’s take a look at how this works.


New Performance Metrics

First, we’ve added some new indicators to your dashboard about how a Job is performing relative to its peers.  We now compare each jobs apply rate against your sites overall 90 day rolling average apply rate (either via email or URL).  This alone is a huge new feature!


In this example we see a job whose apply rate is 10%, with an arrow indicating it is performing ABOVE the sites average for other jobs where Applies are via URL.






If we hover over the Apply Rate we get some more detail.  This Job has an Apply Rate that is 22% ABOVE the 90 day moving average. Pretty good!










In the example below, we see a job whose Apply Rate is 7%, with an arrow indicating it is performing BELOW the sites average for other jobs where Applies are via URL.






If we hover over the Apply Rate we get some more detail.  This Job has an Apply Rate that is 19% BELOW the 90 day moving average. Perhaps a candidate for Boosting?











Boosting a Job

So now that we’ve identified a Job we want to boost, all we need to do is click “Boost this Job” and we’ll be presented with the following screen:




As you can see, all we need to do is pick from one of the predefined budgets, or set our own custom budget.  Then we just click “Boost this Job!” again and we’re done!



You’ll now see an icon which indicates that the Job has been boosted.




That’s it!  Our system will begin to spend within a few hours, with a targeted pacing of allocating the spend over 14 days.



For Jobs that are apply via email, you can easily see which applicants have come in via the Boost:







In addition, we will be adding source data to apply via URL jobs in the near future!


We’re excited to hear how you use this – this integrated, target Job boosting capability is a first of it’s kind innovation that we are thrilled to be able to bring you!



How long will it take to see results?

The Job Boost algorithm attempts to spend the allocated budget over a 14 day period.  You should usually begin to see results within the first 48-72 hours.

Where will my job appear?

Your job will be syndicated to large search portals (who get traffic from both paid and organic search), as well as targeting niche sites.  While the pool of sites is over 2000 strong, your job will only appear on relevant sites.  Your job will also appear in email job alerts driven from these sites.

What jobs are eligible for boosting?

Currently only jobs in the United States are eligible for boosting.  You can be a job board based outside of the USA, but the job itself must be located within the USA.

How will my job perform?

Each job is unique.  During our beta period we’ve seen jobs do well across a number of verticals, but we can’t guarantee every job will see results.