New Feature: Content on Category Pages

With this update, we’ve enabled job board owners to add additional content to category pages, including custom HTML.

We’ve received a lot of requests for this feature – thank you for your feedback! We cannot wait to see how you use it to improve your job boards!

How to Add Content to Category Pages

  1. Log to your admin
  2. Click ‘Categories’
  3. Add a new ‘Category’ or edit your existing ‘Category’
  4. Enter your text in the ‘Description’ field or click </> to add HTML
  5. Click ‘Save’

Tips on Using Content on Category Pages

  • Google does not rank low-content pages. Get your category pages ranked by adding original content, such as a description of the industry or some tips for potential applicants.
  • Offer category sponsorships to your employers and add a advertising banner in the category page.
  • Add links to other relevant categories to encourage potential applicants to explore your job board further.
  • Embed a YouTube video relevant to the category