Workflow Changes Are Coming…..

Over the coming week we’ll be rolling out some changes to the job posting workflow across all clients.  Most of the changes are non-visible retooling of the underlying data structures storing the workflow states, setting us up to make some more improvements and feature enhancements moving forward.

The biggest visible change is the introduction of a “Draft” status.  A job will be in Draft status when it has been created but not yet purchased or made live using existing credits.

The possible job states will be:

  • Draft: Job posting process was started, but not completed.
  • Awaiting Approval:  Job is awaiting admin approval prior to going live.
  • Active: Job is published and displaying on your site.
  • Expired: Job has reached its expiration date and is no longer appearing on your site.
  • Unpublished: Job has not yet expired, but has been unpublished.

Additional benefits of these changes will be:

  1. Resolution of a number of bugs our previous way of storing status caused.
  2. Ability to more add approval required notification emails.
  3. Ability to more easily add the ability to filter the admin panel by job status.

Finally – with these changes, we’ll be simplifying the actions an employer can take from their dashboard.  We will simply have Edit, Copy (which will copy the job into a Draft status), and either Publish (if the employer has existing credits) or Payment (if they do not have credits).

Keep an eye out for these changes, coming soon to your job board!