New Update: Multiple API Keys

The API is powerful. It allows developers to create applications that manage jobs, employer accounts, profiles and applicants on your job board.

The same API also powers the integration between your and BroadBean, LogicMelon, Multiposting and other multi-posting providers. It also powers our Zapier integration.

In this update, we’re adding the ability to issue multiple API keys. This enables you to protect your data and control access to your account.

Your current API key will become as ‘Master Key’. The Master Key can create and modify everything available in the API.

You can now create additional ‘Child Keys’. To give others limited access, create a Child Key. Child Keys can only modify resources they create and can be revoked if necessary.


Tips on using this new feature

  • Issue a ‘Child Key’ to any multi-posting provider – so they can only modify or delete their own postings.
  • Issue a ‘Child Key’ to your developer during API development. This will prevent accidental deletion or modification of other job postings
  • If you’re already a Enterprise customer, no action is needed from you. Your current API key will remain the same. However, we recommend contacting any current API users and changing their key to a ‘Child Key’.
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As ever, we plan to continue to develop the API over time with more features that are useful to you. If you have feedback or feature suggestions we’d love to hear them – click the ‘chat’ icon and let us know your thoughts!

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