New Update: Filter Jobs in Admin

Back in September 2017, we published a mysterious blog post. We announced that ‘Workflow Changes Are Coming’ to enable future improvements and feature enhancements. The result of this development has arrived.

Today, we’re launching our most requested feature – job post filtering. We’ve now added the ability to filter jobs in your admin by:

  • Post Date: such as yesterday, last seven days, last six months or the last twelve months
  • Source: such as a specific XML feed, the API, posted via the admin or by an employer reposting.
  • Status: you can now filter by the job posting status, such as draft, awaiting approval, expired, published and unpublished
  • Upsell Type: such as whether the job was ‘Featured’ or ‘Urgent’
  • Employer: so you can see all the jobs from a specific employer at a glance.


Tips on using this new feature

  • Using our job approvals functionality? Instantly see which jobs are awaiting approval with our ‘Status’ filter
  • Looking for upsell opportunities? Filter by expired in the last month to see extension opportunities.
  • Are employers completing your payment process? Filter by draft to see who didn’t complete the payment process fully – and reach out to them to close the deal

You can also bookmark any combination of filters via your browser for future use.

We plan to continue to build on this improvement over time with more features that are useful to you. The next layer of functionality is already in the works.  If you have feedback or feature suggestions we’d love to hear them – click the ‘chat’ icon and let us know your thoughts!