New Feature: Additional Job Widget Options

New options for the job widget are here! You can now add Job Type, Salary, and the first snippet of the Job Description to your job listings. The additional information will improve the job seeker experience by providing important details without the need to open every listing. Employers can also make their posts stand out by choosing to provide salary information, or by getting important details into the first sentence of their post.

So what will my listings look like?

Great question! Posts will appear with the format seen in the image below. If an employer does not include salary information, we’ll automatically remove that line.

This sounds great! How do I do it?

Enabling these additional options is simple.

  1. Select ‘Site Config’ in the sidebar
  2. Click the tab for ‘Themes & Customization
  3. Click ‘Edit Homepage Layout’
  4. Locate your Job Widget, and click Edit
  5. Check off the boxes for any of the options you’d like to enable
  6. Click save

Changes will go live immediately. Check out your home page to see the updated listings!