New Feature: Job Alert Sign up on Job Application Form

As you know Job Alerts are the best way to get job seekers to re-engage with your job board on a regular basis.

Today we’re rolling out another avenue to get job seekers to sign up for Job Alerts. We’ve added the option to present a quick and easy checkbox opt in which will auto create a job alert for the job seeker based on the content of the job they are applying to.



When this is checked, the Job Seeker will be signed up for alerts based on the Title and Location of the job they are applying to. The Job Seeker can subsequently modify these settings via the standard link at the bottom of subsequent job alerts they receive.

As a Job Board operator, you have complete control over how you enable this feature. You can choose to disable it altogether, or when it is enabled, choose to present it as defaulted to opt in or opt out. Settings are available under Job Alerts > Job Alert Settings > Job Apply Form.