New Feature: Expiration Notifications

Getting employers back to your board to make additional purchases is key to keeping revenue coming in.  To help with this effort, we’ve created an option to automatically send e-mails to employers to prompt renewal after their job expires.

Emails will offer a renewal button:

Clicking the button will direct employers to a job edit page that’s been pre-populated with the job’s data. After making any desired adjustments, they’ll click a renew button on the page to enter the purchase flow.

These e-mails can be enabled via Products -> More -> Expiration Notifications.  You’ll have a few configuration options:

E-mails will only be sent to paid job postings if the employer has no remaining job credits.  Our goal is to get employers back to the site that will make a purchase today.  You may not want to offer a renewal unless a job met certain performance criteria.  By selecting the “Only paid jobs that meet these criteria” option, you can choose to send a renewal notice only if the job received a minimum number of Email Applicants or Apply Clicks.  You also have the option to set the Subject of the E-mails and add custom text to the body.

Important note: The renewal e-mails will only apply to jobs posted after the renewal option is activated.