New Features Round Up: March 2019

Hey Everyone! It’s been a while since we’ve sent an update on some of the smaller improvements we’ve been making, and we wanted to make sure to bring everyone up to speed.

Scheduled Status

We noticed a lot of instances where users would accidentally set a posting date to a date or time in the future.  Usually this happened in instances where the the month and day matched the current date, but the year did not. There were also instances where the time may have been set to PM instead of AM.  To provide some additional transparency, we’ve made two adjustments:

  1. Jobs with a Posting Date in the future will be listed with a status of “Scheduled”.
  2. When setting the posting date in the future, the “Publish” button will read as “Schedule”.

If you see Scheduled show up but intend to immediately publish your job, double check the Posting Date and Time!

Google Tag Manager

We now offer a built in integration with Google Tag Manager, no need for extra code!  Simply enter your Google Tag Manager account number under Site Config -> Integrations and our system will load the appropriate GTM javascript library on your site. Read more about the events triggered here.

Products Tile View

A Tile view is now available for your products page.  This will allow you to display available products in a 3 Column tile view as opposed to the default list view.  If you’d like to try out the new view, you can make the switch under Products -> More -> Products Setup.

Tile view used with 5 Products.

New Pop-up for Job Alert Sign Ups

You can now enable a pop-up that will prompt job seekers to sign up for job alerts on the Job Details page.  This pop-up will trigger if they land directly on the job details page coming from an external website. Early testing shows this is a great way to increase your alerts subscribers! To enable this pop-up, go to the Job Alerts section of your admin panel and select “Job Alerts Setup”. Check the box for “Job Details Landing Popup”, and click save.

Blog Improvements

We’ve added a field to blog posts so that an Author can be included. This field will be available when creating the blog post. Additionally, you’ll now see an RSS feed for your blog available under the “Syndication” section of your admin panel.

Restrict Country Suggestions for Location

You may find that the location suggestion prioritizes other countries before displaying results that will be relevant to your audience.  If you’d like to restrict the country suggestions to a single country, you can do so under Site Config -> Themes & Customization -> Restrict Country Suggestions.  We only recommend using this option if your board will only contain jobs in one country.

The Location suggestions have been limited to the UK. You’ll see that when entering “New Y” in the Location field, “New York, NY, USA” is not suggested.

Location drop down localized based on language setting

Previously, the suggested results in the location dropdown were always in English.  We’ve made an update so that these location suggestions will be based on your board’s language setting.

With the Language set to Spanish, the suggestion for Dublin, Ireland reads “Dublín, Irlanda”.

**Please note that boards using translation tools like will only have the results available in one language.  This will be based on the main language set in