New Feature: Suggested Jobs

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of a brand new feature for Job Seekers: Suggested Jobs. 

With Suggested Jobs, our algorithms are able to understand what jobs your Job Seekers are searching for, viewing and applying to and pro-actively present a personalized experience containing additional jobs that match their interests.

When enabled, Suggested Jobs can act as the default homepage experience for your Job Seekers.

In addition to our Algorithm suggesting jobs, when possible we’ll also show a section of jobs that are based purely on the Job Seekers most recent Apply activity – labeled “Because you applied to {Job Name}”:

We also provide insight to Job Seekers as to why we are Suggesting Jobs these jobs, and allow the Job Seeker to influence the Suggestions by removing specific items from their activity history:

Additionally, we have introduced the Suggested Jobs technology on Job Details pages.  After a Job Seeker applies to job (either external URL apply or hosted apply), the Suggest Jobs card view is dynamically loaded on the Job Details page:

There are a number of settings you as the job board operator can configure to tweak the Suggested Jobs experience to your needs.  The settings can be found under Profiles > More > Profiles Setup.

  • Enable? – Turns the Suggested Jobs experience on or off.
  • Redirect Homepage? – Controls if Suggested Jobs should act as the homepage of the Job Board for logged in Job Seekers.
  • Static Query – Allows you to set a default keyword for Suggested Jobs.  This is used as a fallback in the scenario where we might not yet have enough activity for a Job Seeker to generate jobs.
  • New Time Period – Lets you set a threshold for how long jobs will have the New label when presented to the Job Seeker.
  • “Because Applied” Roll Off Period – Lets you control how long to display the “Because you applied” section.  E.g. if you last applied to a job eight days ago and the value was set to 7 days, the section would no longer display.

We’ve also recently released some additional controls around Default Search Radius which also apply to Suggested Jobs.  Setting the Default Search Radius tells searches, including Suggested Jobs how far out to look from the Job Seekers location when a specific radius hasn’t been provided.

We’re excited about this new feature.  It is available today to all customers on Pro or Enterprise plans.  Just go to your admin panel under Profiles > More > Profiles Setup to enable Suggested Jobs today!