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Get everything you need in one place.
Applicant tracking system (ATS), resume database, job board and more all in one affordable monthly package.

Complete Recruitment Solution

Includes Applicant Tracking, Resume Database, Candidate Profiles, Email Job Alerts and more.

Top of the Class - Advanced Features

All the features you need to manage, run and grow your recruitment website.

No Code, No Server - Launch Instantly

Launch your recruitment website in just 30 seconds. Choose from dozens of site templates and customise without code.

Built by Recruitment Experts

Thousands of job board and recruitment site owners use every day – and we’re growing fast.

Complete Recruitment Solution

What is a recruitment website? A recruitment website empowers candidates to find, apply and search your jobs easily.

It shouldn’t need updating, coding or configuration – it should just work, effortlessly, right out-of-the-box.

It should have great features, like industry leading SEO, a beautiful responsive design, high converting eCommerce and a great experience for candidates, built in.

It should also work for you – we include an applicant tracking system, monetizable resume database, job posting integration with and great reporting features.

With you can launch your recruitment website in minutes. It even includes blogging, custom styling to match your brand and the ability to add custom pages.

You only get this seamless experience with a dedicated recruitment website solution.

We’ve built the most powerful, quickest yet simple to use solution – It never needs updating, there is nothing to install and we’re constantly adding new features.

Get everything you need to launch your recruitment website, all in one place.

John Charles

Founder, Academy.Jobs

“After considerable research and testing of various software platforms to run our job board I was delighted to discover and after only a short trial period I had no hesitation in signing up. The software is versatile and the customer service is exceptional.

One of the key reasons for selecting was the ability to integrate the platform seamlessly into our main website and to incorporate our branding. The fact that the software is continuously updated as well means that we are able to introduce new features for our clients. We look forward to growing our business with”

No Code, No Server - Launch Instantly

With you can start your own recruitment website for free in just 30 seconds, with no installation, coding or servers required – we handle all the technical elements so you can focus on growing your business

No servers. Just sign-up, add a custom domain and launch.

We understand the market and constantly add new features based on your feedback.

Top of the Class - Advanced Features

Easily manage your website. Track who applied, manage & edit listings. Customize all your job board settings from one dedicated place.

Search Engine Optimised job listings, including proper semantic markup, automatic Sitemap generation, friendly URLs and more!

Job seekers can register with your job board and create an online candidate profile in just a few minutes, using our LinkedIn integration or with an email address.

Increase your revenue by selling access to your resume database with employer packages.

Elegant and seamless application process with integrated tracking. Know how your clients Jobs are performing to stay on top of your game.

Built by Recruitment Experts is the simplest way to launch a job board, loved by thousands of job board owners. As these websites grew, they attracted millions of visitors and countless job applications.

To help our users keep track, we added:

  • Powerful applicant tracking system,
  • Candidate profiles
  • Recruitment management features.

Now hundreds of recruiters use to manage their recruitment websites.

With, there is no software to download or install, no servers or complicated code to maintain, and no developers to hire. We worry about the technology, you focus on growing your business!