Features Spotlight: 10 Creative Uses For The New Home Page Editor

We recently announced the biggest update we’ve ever launched.

We’ve refined the user experience for your candidates and employers with a fresh, clean and modern look for your job board. We’ve also added extensive customization functionality and improved some existing features.

You can read all about this update here. In this series, we focus on just 1 aspect of this update and how you can use it to improve your job board.

In this ‘Feature Spotlight’ we focus on the new Drag & Drop Homepage Editor and Homepage Widgets.

If you haven’t tried it yet, you can use these features to modify the layout and content of your homepage. By re-ordering, editing or adding new widgets, you can customize your job board homepage. This means is infinitely more flexible than ever before – and our job board owners have been sharing a range of creative ways to use this new feature.

How to Use the New Home Page Editor

  1. Login to your admin
  2. Click ‘Site Config’
  3. Click ’Themes’
  4. Click ‘Edit Homepage Layout’
  5. Re-order, edit or add new widgets to customize your job board

The following widgets are available:

  • Backfill Widget – Display your selected backfill jobs
  • Button Widget – Add a custom button, pointing to a page or custom web address
  • Employer Widget – Create an area highlighting specific employers. Choose if you want them to auto rotate, be in a fixed or random order, and more!
  • Category List Widget – Display a list of categories
  • Job Alert Widget – Display the job alert sign-up form
  • Job List Widget – Display your job posts, or just featured jobs – you can control the number of jobs, whether to show images and paging, and more!
  • Search/Banner Widget – Display the search form and express your brand identify with a customizable background, title and subtitle.
  • Text Widget – Display custom text or HTML code

10 Creative Uses For The New Home Page Editor

Here’s a roundup of a few creative ideas and tips from users:

  1. Use the text widget to add extra content to your site – such as a YouTube video or custom HTML.
  2. Use the employer widget to feature selected employers at the top of your site – and use the ‘Products’ feature to offer this as a upsell.
  3. Use the employer widget to feature ‘Employers of the Week’
  4. Make a ‘Landing Page’ without any jobs – remove the job widgets and use text widgets to display custom HTML content. Perfect for recruitment agencies advertising services alongside the job board! Candidates can browse jobs by using the ‘Search’ functionality.
  5. Insert a job alert widget between your main jobs and the backfill widget – encouraging candidates to register for job alerts while browsing your jobs
  6. Remove the sidebar – drag all the widgets into the ‘Full Width Column’ to achieve an minimal look
  7. Add a button widget for candidates, encouraging them to create a profile
  8. Add an extra search widget at the bottom of the main column – so when candidates are done browsing, they are reminded to keep searching.
  9. Remove the full-width banner – move the search widget to the main column – it’ll appear just above the job listings.
  10. Love to blog? Make the blog your homepage by adding the ‘blog widget’ and removing the job widgets

We can’t way to see what you come up with next! Press the ‘Chat’ icon in the bottom right and we’ll add it here.