Features Spotlight: Improved Employer Profiles

We recently announced the biggest update we’ve ever launched.

We’ve refined the user experience for your candidates and employers with a fresh, clean and modern look for your job board. We’ve also added extensive customization functionality and improved some existing features.

You can read all about this update here. In this series, we focus on just 1 aspect of this update and how you can use it to improve your job board.

In this ‘Feature Spotlight’ we focus on the new Employer Profiles.

Employers can now upload a large cover image, as well as a video from either Youtube or Vimeo. These assets will display and rotate in a carousel at the top of the page. We’ve also added a slick new search capability to the profile page – so job seekers can quickly find opportunities that are the right fit for them. More to come here!

Features Spotlight: Improved Employer Profiles

Employers who register with your job board can create their own profile – you can also edit them to add additional information.

How to Use the New Employer Profiles

  1. Login to your admin
  2. Click ‘Employers’
  3. Click ’Manage Profile’

Tips on Using New Employer Profiles

  • Ensure the profile is fully completed – the Company Name, Logo and Location will appear in your Employer Directory and in the Employers Widget.
  • Add a YouTube ID and/or a Vimeo ID to display video on their profile
  • Upload a ‘Cover Image’ – this will appear in the slider at the top of the ‘Employer Profile’
  • Encourage employers to tweet/share/email a link to the ‘Employer Profile’. The ‘Employer Profile’ includes a searchable list of all live jobs they have posted to your job board.
  • Encourage employers to post all relevant vacancies to your site and use your site as their ‘Careers Portal’
  • Write a detailed description for the employer – this will improve your SEO and provide additional information for job seekers.