New Features: Employer Profile Approval + More

In our latest update, we’ve continued to improve the ‘Employer Profiles’ feature, based upon your feedback.

  • Employer Approval Required:
    • Just like candidate profiles, employers can now create their accounts, but require approval in order to access their job packs, browse profiles or post jobs. Employers will be notified via a customizable email when their account is created and when their account is approved.
  • CC Job Board owner on Registration:
    • Get copied on the Employer welcome email so you know when someone registers.
  • Require Phone on Registration:
    • Allows you to require that an employer provides their phone # when registering.
  • Customize Employer Welcome Email Text
    • Change the welcome email text a new Employer gets when they register.

To require approval:

  1. Login to your admin
  2. Click ‘Employers’
  3. Click ‘Employer Setup’
  4. Tick ‘Require Employer Approval’









To approve an employer:

  1. Click ‘Employers’
  2. Click ‘Needs Approval’
  3. Click ‘Approve’














To revoke approval:

  1. Click ‘Employers’
  2. Click the employer you wish to edit
  3. Click ‘Revoke Approval’






Tips on using these new features

  • Are you a specialist job board? Ensure only qualified employers can post opportunities.
  • Improve employer profile quality – Add text to your ‘Employer Welcome Email’ to encourage them to complete their ‘Employer Profile’ in order to be approved.
  • Increase sales – Add a coupon to your ‘Employer Approval Email’ offering a discount on their next purchase.
  • Build relationships – Enable ‘CC on Registration’ and/or the Phone # requirement to personally reach out to each new employer.