New Feature: Additional data insights on Apply Clicks

As you know our platform allows employers to specify one of two methods to apply for jobs:

  • via Email: Employer provides an email address and the applicant applies through our system – giving you full insight into who applied to the job.
  • via URL: Employer provides a URL, typically to their ATS or other corporate listing for the job.  In these cases all we have historically tracked is a count of how many times the Apply button was clicked.

Today we’ve released a new capability which gives you a bit more insight into who is actually clicking on those mysterious apply links.

We now give you:

  • Date/Time of the Apply button click
  • IP Address
  • Location (reverse geocoded from the IP) with a small map
  • Source tracking info (job alert, Boost, custom UTM params, etc)
  • User Agent Info
  • Referer
  • Profile Info if the user is logged in with a link to view the profile.


Two important items to note:

  1. Currently this is only available in the admin apply report
  2. As this is newer data we won’t have this data on past clicks on older jobs.  Any jobs published in the last few days will have it, and moving forward all new jobs will have it.