New Feature: Job Boost Upsell

In our latest update, we’ve continued to enhance the Boost feature.


About Boost

With Boost we’ve created a dead simple way to get more views, clicks and applicants for your jobs. With the click of a button from your admin dashboard, you can allocate a budget, and your job will be automatically distributed out to our syndication network via channels such as organic and paid search, a targeted publisher network of over 2000 sites, and email job alerts.


Introducing the Job Boost automated Upsell

We’re always looking out for new ways to help our customers monetize their job boards. Upsells, which allow you to offer add ons at the time of purchase, are a great way to add incremental revenue. Your customer has already committed to spending money with you, why not get them to add to their purchase?

With the new Job Boost upsell our system will automatically Boost a job when the employer purchase the Upsell.  No need for you to manually do so after purchase!


Upsell Boost

Job Boost Upsell Features

  • Add a Fixed Price Job Boost Upsell
    • Just like our ‘Featured’ or ‘Urgent’ upsell, you can now offer employers a ‘Job Boost Upsell’ for a fixed price.
  • Add a ‘Budget Range’ Job Boost Upsell
    • The optional Budget Range allows you to give employers the option to select their own budget, CPC style!
  • Set your own margin
    • How much of the Boost do you want to keep as margin? For example, if you charge $100 for the Boost, and keep 25% ($25) as margin, the remaining 75% ($75) will be spent on the Boost.


Tips on using this new features

  • Price sensitive customers? Offer the boost with a ‘Budget Range’ with a low default value. Encourage them to increase the budget for their next purchase!
  • Increase Traffic – Encourage employers to use the ‘Job Boost’ to drive more qualified applicant traffic to your site
  • Increase Revenue – Another upsell opportunity means more potential revenue! By setting your own margin on the boost, you add a new revenue source to your job board.
  • Free Job Board? If you are currently offering postings for free, add an optional boost upsell to earn new revenue