How to Create a PR Campaign to Promote Your New Job Board

The most important part of launching a new job board is awareness. Without audience awareness, you’ll launch with no candidates or employers, severely limiting the growth of your new job board. One of the most effective ways to build audience … Read More

New Feature: Introducing Employer Accounts

Employers can now register with your job board and seamlessly manage all of their job postings, view stats and applicants from a single dashboard. One of the most requested features has been the ability for employers to manage their jobs, applicants … Read More

5 Tips for Monetizing a Local Facebook Jobs Group

With 1 billion plus registered users around the world, Facebook is one the biggest communities on the internet. By creating a Facebook Group, you enable a selection of these users to come together and discuss topics relevant to them. One … Read More

Why You Should Choose a Cloud Solution for Your Job Board

So you’ve decided to launch a niche job board. Whether you are monetizing an existing community, launching a new business or looking for a lucrative new revenue source, your first question is likely the same: ”What platform should I use … Read More

New Feature: Automatically Import Jobs

The Auto Import jobs feature is available on any of our paid plans. To upgrade, click Plans & Billing – you can cancel at any time. We’ll even help you setup your automatic jobs feed. With you can import … Read More

New Feature: Import Jobs

We have added the ability to import jobs into your job board using a CSV file. This is great for when you need to bulk add a large number of jobs. Jobs come in unpublished allowing you to make edits … Read More

New Feature: Custom Nav Links

We have now added the ability to create your own custom Navigation links. Prior to this feature we saw many clients creating entirely custom headers just to be able to control their nav links.  Now, with this new feature you … Read More

New Feature: Job Alerts

We’re excited to announce the launch of our newest feature: Job Alert emails! With Job Alerts users can sign up to receive email notifications when jobs are published that meet their criteria, driving them back to the site and increasing … Read More

New Feature: Invoicing

For some employers, particularly larger ones, the option to pay via invoice as opposed to credit card is an important option.  Today we are pleased to announce support for invoicing, for our paid plan customers only. To enable invoicing, go … Read More

New Feature: Logos on your homepage!

We’ve just enabled a feature which will allow you to include the employer logos as part of the listing on the homepage. All new sites will have this enabled by default.  Existing sites will need to enable it in the … Read More

Our new design is live!

We are excited to announce that our new design has been rolled out to all customers. In addition to this new look giving a much more modern and updated feel to our job board platform, it also sits on top … Read More

Updated stats in the admin panel

We been working on some exciting ways to give you insight into how your clients jobs are performing.   You may have noticed that a total “Job Views” has been available to your clients under the Manage Job page.  That … Read More

New Features: VAT Support and optimized coupon presentation

A few new enhancements to announce: 1. Support for collection of VAT Identification For our customers who need to collect VAT information, we’ve added the ability to add a VAT ID field to the job posting.  In your admin panel, … Read More

A Step-By-Step Guide To Getting More Traffic + Profit on your Job Board

Guest Post by Peter White I want to let you in on a secret. If you are looking for more traffic to your job board, there’s a really simple way of doing it. My clients are going to be mad … Read More

139 Currencies Supported via Stripe!

Great news – thanks to our partnership with Stripe, we can now process transactions in 139 currencies. If you’d like to charge international customers in their local currency, Stripe will automatically convert funds, with a 2% fee on top of … Read More

Three new Themes

Three new themes were made available today.  Check ‘em out! Terra Goldfish Curiousity

New Feature: Custom text on Post a Job button

Don’t like our awesome button copy?  We just launched a small feature that some may find useful.  You can now completely customize both the text and the URL on the “Post a Job” button. You might find this useful if … Read More

New Feature: Apply to Jobs with LinkedIn!

We’ve just rolled out the ability to Apply to Jobs via LinkedIn. Here’s a quick screen grab: In order for this to appear as an option on your Job Board you’ll need to do several things. 1. Create an account … Read More

New transaction level detail

Cool little tweak as the result of adding Job Packages.  When a transaction has gone through ecommerce, we provide some insights as to what happened, if something went wrong, and how the fee’s were calculated. From your admin panel, when … Read More

New Feature: Job Packages!

Exciting news!  The platform now allows you to create Packages of Jobs to offer your employers. This would allow you to offer something like  ”5 Jobs for $X” where X is usually a discounted rate vs. buying 5 Jobs … Read More

New Feature: Adsense Integration

We’re always looking for ways to help you monetize your job boards – the latest way is with Google Adsense.  We’ve made it simple to provide Adsense code for three locations on your job board: The site header (sits above … Read More

Improved Backfill Matching

Quick update of the day – we’ve now incorporated end user search into your backfill.   Now when a users searches for a Company, Job Title, Location, Profession, etc – that information gets passed to Indeed and your Backfill … Read More

New plan options

We are pleased to introduce some changes to our plan structures. First and foremost, we’ve launched a Revenue Share plan.   This is great plan for folks just getting started with their job board who aren’t yet ready for a … Read More

A small, but important SEO enhancement

We just added a tweak to our platform that should help avoid any duplicate content issues with search engines. As you may know, you can access your job board not only at your own custom domain, but also at … Read More

New Feature: Backfill your job board w/ job listings!

We have an exciting announcement to make today.   Thanks to a technology partnership with, publishers can now easily incorporate job listings from Indeed’s vast database of job listings.   Via an integration with their API, we’ve made … Read More

New Feature: Custom Categories

We are excited to announce the launch of a much requested feature – custom Categories!  You can now create your own set of Categories for posters to select when purchasing job listings on your site. To setup simply go to … Read More

New Feature: Custom Headers

Want more control over the look and feel of your job board?  Need to blend it in better with an existing website?  Now you can completely replace our standard site header with your own custom HTML. In your admin panel … Read More

New Feature: Add jobs from your control panel

File this one under: “why didn’t we include this sooner”.  You can now add job listings from directly within your admin panel.  This allows you to avoid going through you front end site to post – making it more efficient, … Read More

New Feature: Enhanced Applicant Tracking

We are excited to announce new and improved applicant tracking on the platform.   When posting on your site Employers can provide one of two methods to receive applications:  1. A direct email address.2. An external link (usually to … Read More

We've rebuilt coupons!

As of today we have completely revamped our coupon capability. Previously you could only set percentage discounts, and they only worked if Stripe was your payment provider.  Our new coupon capabilities allow you to do the following: 1. You can … Read More